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Are you still blaming the government? For your shortcomings? Your petty and larger than life failures? Have you ever imagined how we got here?? Every little thing we ignored? Every loosened rope we did not tie? Every word left unsaid, and stones left unturned?

Mama Nike, have you ever taken time to notice your little child? The girl that loves mummy and daddy? Surely she didn't see you doing it, but somewhere somehow, she knows someone is up, and another under!!!, have you ever taken time to realize that children start having sexual arousal even at a tender age, and there is a need to desexualize their mind and watch their every moment, instead of the usual " ahhh ashewo omo lo fe ya, ohn ba e lo" with all jest and humor, now your daughter is a full time slay mama and popular escort (the socialized word for prostitution, ask vera sidika lol), and you blame the government, I would have said thunder will fire you but who am I to judge you, continue.

Baba chibuzor, you maltreat your wife, or even wives, you married and birthed more than your means, now you can't take care of nothing, your house is in shambles, even though you can hardly feed your family, yet you still find the means to engage in extra marital affairs, and when the sharp sword of hunger strikes you, you blame the government for whatsoever, forgetting that leadership and politics starts from the family, okay, is okay!!!.

Mama amina, you jump from bed to bed, you should have featured in the movie JUMP for real, you argue with your husband, you nag, you are dirty, you don't take care of the kids, you gossip more than THE GOSSIP GIRLS, you are the street P.R.O, you do all this in the presence of your kids, forgetting that kids are easy to radicalize, they are watching your every moves, now they are delinquents, and you can still say its the government that made your kids this way, ah fear God.

Aunty tawa, oshey baddest, slay momo, you are not into real estate but you know every hotel corners within and without the country, you know all the popular yahoo boys, with investor bj today, hushpuppi tomorrow, baddyosha already booked, the hair on your head is enough to buy two plot of land, your make up makes your face look like a student room painting, with all the primary and secondary colors, your private part is no longer private, rara oh,nibo, it is now public enterprises, stockholding and shareholding , aunty oloju comman do, animashaun, now you have contacted HIV AIDS, abi untreatable gonorrhea, and you blame the government for not providing good healthcare, or rehabilitation, the question you should be asking yourself is WHAT AM I DOING HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE?

Brother ben, biggest boy in town, ohh he burst of freshness!!!! You know all the popular drugs in town, high on refnol, tramadol, codeine, marijuana, skushiz, all the tongue blue throway, you smoke more than a chimney, ehn every thing in skirt ni oh, even trousers, you want to lay every girl, old, young, short,tall, fine, not very fine, you are the biggest cassanova around here, you have slept with almost every girl you know and you kiss and tell. Shebi that one is still good, now you have advanced your yahoo yahoo because it doesn't bring money again, it is now yahoo plus, you have used your fertility, your gf's womb and she can't conceive no more, you are now thinking about using your mummy, daddy, brother tabi sister, it was your baba that caused the accident on lagos ibadan express way to further your money ritual sophistication, now you are directing traffic in a pot of soup, you are doing just as expected in a mental home, or you died tragically while going to the club to further waste money on drinks, and one (don't let me talk lol) will blame the government for not constructing good roads and good institutions, hmmm, God is gentle.

Baba Landlord, only you registration fee, agreement fee, tenement fee, ejaculation fee, dispensation fee, forgetting that you don't need to pay death fee before it wipes you away, and people are so desperate to put a roof over their head and you, indirectly by your act of lack lustre cantankerousness, have pushed some of your tenants into crime, please.

Oga ile ise, you make more than a million naira per annum, you have co workers and pay them five thousand per month, haba, even 18,000 that this our people are paying cannot combat sustainability in this current administration,and when they complain, you would complain, it is the government's fault, just beware.

Honorable tabatiada, you were on your knees during campaign, begging, ranting, saying mighty things that even God will think twice before doing, you were as humble as an undisturbed river, you won people's heart with your soothing words and the destruction of your opponents, now you are there, no printable achievement in your constituency, you have siphoned all funds meant for the people, you feel you are just having a share of your own national cake, when you got to the senate, any bill that favors the masses doesn't favour you, but whichever talks about increment in salary, remuneration, barbing fees, sitting fees, standing fees,eating fees, stupid fees, your yeee will be the loudest, you have constituted enough nuisance but you still managed to climb further, now you have access to the main account, but you prefer to store your riches in swiss accounts, the roads are depleting, the educational sector is a mess, health is death, even when you should be investing in agriculture, forgetting that people are hungry, you decide to build roads, and fight insurgency, diversification, recession, economic crisis, and lack of coomon sense is the hub of your administration, now you have contacted one disease that is unheard of, malaparakalikism, and you blame the government for lack of sensitization, thunder will fire you, leave me let me vex.

You see, the essence of all said and done, is that everyone, you and I, are the reasons for the state of this country, the policemen and sars that have become day time robbers, the men in khakis, the stupid kidnappers and terrorist, the hired killers and ole ole's (lazy thieves) , the aunty sitting across the street that does not know how to sit down properly, exposing her holy of holiest, the greedy teenagers, the ill advised girls, the bobriskies, the hushpuppies, the tonto dikes, the olamide badooes, the selfish and devilish pastors, fake priests, all of us, we are all corrupt, most of us are thieves when the house is silent, we need a rebirth, a deradicalization, a sensitization, we can't continue to continue like this, so many has to go for us to remain, this government has nothing to offer, I believe democracy is not and cannot work in this country, we need an iron hand, you and I, yes, we need a russian style, a north korean approach, the Philippine route, the indonesian tackle, besides forgetting the rubbish of atheism and humanism, we seriously need God, thank you.

Ogundimu Samuel Olajide
LLb 4

This article is not in anyway tackling anybody in particular, it is a generalized writings and picking out the ills of the society, attacks will be heavily reprimanded, be warned.
Please help share and rebroadcast till it get to all the neccesary quarters, thanks.
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Your comment is highly appreciated.Thanks as you do that!


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