The Gas, The Packet of Matches and The Cooker. By BOUBOW

The Gas, The Packet of Matches and The Cooker. By BOUBOW


Posted by bigboluet (M) » 05 Aug,2017



The Gas, The Packet of Matches and The Cooker.

I wanted to ignite my Gas today, so I picked up my packet of matches and found out that I have just 5 sticks left.
I tried the first, it failed, Left with 4. I also tried the second, it also failed, left with 3. Similar thing occurred to the third one, now left with two. It was at this stage I knew what was at stake, if the next one fails, I'll be left with just one stick. So I needed to be careful. While trying to light up the fourth one wisely, out of fear, it ended falling inside a bucket of water which was beside me, Lobatan. Now left with the last one, hmmmm... Iku to pa elediye, ko tun gbodo pa elewure, so I shifted the bucket and was fully focused on ensuring that the last one works. Unfortunately, the last one was just a stick without the regular "purple/black substance" at the tip. At this stage, I had to knock on my neighbor's door to ask for her own packet of matches. She gave me one, which I used and later returned the rest back to her.

Moral of the story

AAUAITES, this is a new semester popularly Referred to as "Akungba Ibere" where there'll be excess food, money, resources, time to study, time to party among all others (when I had 5 sticks), gradually lectures will commence and later lecturers will begin to fix classes just to cover up, at this stage there will be decrease in the amount of food taken, lesser time to study, lesser time to party, Money will be scanty (when the first 3 matches failed and I was left with 2). Sooner or later "Akungba Igbeyin" will set in, this is often denoted by "Garri Mode Activated", at this crucial stage Exams would have started or about starting, it is at this hour students normally begin to borrow money (just like I borrowed a packet of matches from my neighbor) some will begin to sell their properties. (This was when I exhausted all the five sticks)

Above it all, always spend as if you're spending the last of its kind, you're not being stingy, you're just being economical. Save when needed, Eat Moderately, Begin your study class as early as possible, you can as well party for the short time now.

Proverbs 21:20 says
"The wise have wealth and luxury, but fools spend whatever they get."
(New Living Translation)

Key Words

Packet of Matches - Money
Gas - Expenses
Bucket of Water - Spirit of Spendthrift (Agbana)
Neighbor - Source of Loan
Knock on the door - Beg or Plead for Assistance
Used and Returned - To borrow and Refund
Stick without the regular "purple/black substance" at the tip - Not Enough Money, or Not up to the amount needed.

Temitope O. Eyinla (BOUBOW)
AAUASU 001 Aspirant

Writing from Cele Road, Adefarati Quaters, Akungba-Akoko.

5th of August , 2017 at exactly 22:05 hours.
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Your comment is highly appreciated.Thanks as you do that!


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