By Aduragbemi Promise - 07 Jan,2019 35 Comments
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I am the world,
I am life,
Without me,you are nothing
I must be preserved
For you to earn something.

I am wasted by people,
Not considered important
You have no value for me
Like a Jewel in the snout of a Pig.

I am likened to a fan,
Spinning with blades that never collides
Once I am mismanaged,I am lost forever.

I am invaluable like Diamond,
Priceless than Gold,
Costly than Emerald.
I can never be bought

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DOOM by Slimford

By OLADOKUN BOLU - 25 May,2018 13 Comments
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The blue sky and the yellow sun,
Unto my soul they call upon,
The arrow of destruction struck my heart,
In reluctant my happiness left.

The enchanting darkness in me I see,
My thirst for blood is stronger,
My doom I rejoice in,
As my future is decided,

My heart beats faster from afar,
A companion I need,
So as not to be blown away,
In the darkest part, of my doom.


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By Taiwo Balogun - 29 Aug,2017 20 Comments
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It marched from east to west
Changing its apparel to a dark garment
A friendly enemy we have, but gleeful of its arrival
But oblivious of the imminent doom at its disposal

In lines, they descended on us
Perching on the ground, with a thud
Feeling unconcerned about it’s tantrums
But incessant and copious it becomes
Before we could prevent this inevitable assault
It had drawn its spear against us, we’re surrounded

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By Taiwo Balogun - 27 Aug,2017 32 Comments
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A powerful mental edifice
The spring of all sapiens conceptions
Dwell in all but not the wackos
Omniscient! Knows before you speak

From within it whispers
And the voice loud as though amplified
The architect of everything splendiferous
And a weapon of mass destruction

A fortress to the cerebrals
But a mere tool in the hands of a gype

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