Indecent dressing amongst Nigerian youths.

Indecent dressing amongst Nigerian youths.


Posted by Olatilewa (F) » 02 Feb,2018

What is indecent dressing??

More and more young ladies choose outfits that are meant to look attractive, appealing, emphasizing their natural beauty and sensuality. These outfits involve crop tops with open shoulders, waistlines, and bellies, extremely low necks, short skirts and dresses, low-waist pants, and so on. All this is called “tantalizing” or “stimulating” and is worn to attract the attention of the opposite gender. Of course, such an appeal can cause quite unexpected results. Such clothes are completely inappropriate in educational facilities. They distract the attention of other students from their real tasks and duties.
What are the causes of indecent dressing on campuses?
There are several possible causes of such behavior among students.

1.It’s considered fashionable. Following some tendencies teenage girls and young women get dressed in a way they consider fashionable. It’s not the stylish way grown-up women with a good taste look. It’s something bright, flamboyant, shocking, and provocative.

2.Young people need to feel noticed.It’s a natural desire of young people to find their place in the society. As soon as they are surrounded with similar youngsters with practically similar qualities, possibilities, and achievements, they have no other way to stand out of the crowd but with the help of outrageous clothes.

3.A young person desperately needs attention. The shocking way to get dressed is another means that helps a young person attract attention. It often happens as a part of the mentioned teenage self-identification. However, it happens no less often that such a desperate need of attention is caused by other, more serious problems: violence at home, humiliations the person experiences, and so on.

4.Parents have not explained to the child what is appropriate.Quite often, youngpeople who originate from problem families have no good idea of what is suitable for different situations and it’s mainly due to their parents’ lack of attention to them.

5.Young people experience pressure from peers, the Internet, and other sources of information. They just cannot behave in a different way because they will bethrown out of their social groups.

These are only several of all possible indecent dressing on campuses causes. The reasons why young people really get dressed in an indecent way are multiple, and each person should be questioned separately.Indecent dressing on campuses causes and the way out Now, when the causes of the indecent dressing on campus are known well enough, it’s time to think how to fight this phenomenon.
Of course, such a negative tendency in the young peoples’ society can be fought effectively. It’s just necessary to imply several useful steps.
Firstly, it’s necessary to inform students on the inappropriate styles they are using and possible consequences of getting dressed this way. The information should not be only verbal because it will have no effect. It’s necessary to offer and introduce dress codes that will exclude the possibility of wearing provocative clothes. It’s necessary to have the same dress code for the entire personnel of the educational facility and all the students.
Then, it’s necessary to make students’ parents take control of the information their children receive from the television, Internet, and other sources. Parents should always control the quality of shows, books, websites their children choose to avoid the development of immorality, low modesty, and a wrong perception of relations between genders.Religious leaders should also take efforts and fight the immorality in the society,teaching young people what’s expected of them in the society.
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