Meet "Entheals Music" face of the week

Meet "Entheals Music" face of the week


Posted by bigboluet (M) » 04 Sep,2017




Abimbola Feyisola Arewa, a newly signed female secular artiste in the Entheals Music Record label and also a 200-level Mass Communication student of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko specializes in RnB, reggae and highlife music.
Hails from Ekiti State and was born into a family of four in which she's ascribed the first born of the family with a younger one.

"Music energizes weak souls and reawakens a silent mind" so they say!

Feyisola started her music career at a church choir where she acquired basic musical skills; instrumental skills inclusive.
Instruments of such are the violin and guitar.

She's got a rightful flair for singing and is currently working on her first album which promises to be intriguing.

Feyisola believes through music, our used - to - be good world will once again be brought to life,
Which is one of the reasons she's anticipating for a support from all her newly made fans.

She's definitely going to be the best you've just started imagining her to be.

Be on the look out,
Entheals got a newly signed Abimbola Feyisola Arewa, a secular female artiste she's said to be!
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Your comment is highly appreciated.Thanks as you do that!


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