39 Post Writing Ideas for Those who Want to Start Making Money Online via Blogging

39 Post Writing Ideas for Those who Want to Start Making Money Online via Blogging


Posted by techpally (M) » 31 Aug,2017

Now that unemployment is on a rise year after year in Nigeria, not only Nigeria is battling with this problem but other African countries and so also European , and Asian countries are not left out. It's a global problem and with advancement in technology and robotics, Africa need to stand up to this challenge by harnessing the potentials in ICT.

Blogging is recently an eye opener to many Nigerians on making money online but there are numerous ways people can make money online and it seems the Europeans are taking over every money making opportunity via internet.

While blogging is not a get-rich-quick system, many people are still living on old years of establishing a successful blog and they're not doing the right thing to get going and overcome the biggest challenge of every blogger, which is , getting traffic to the blog.

To be successful in blogging, you need knowledge, creativity, ingenuity and lastly, funding. Many websites you see having thousands of social likes don't just have them but they spend thousands of bucks on promotion, they employ experts and spend because they know it's business.

Do you see blogging as business? Are you struggling with ideas, well, relax on a well cushioned chair and get a cup of water and "honeyed" popcorn and read the concrete blog article ideas i have for you. I have divided these into four categories and I'm starting with the first category.

1. Delivering added value
2. Be generous
3.Be human
4.Promote diligently
Delivering added value
Create really high quality content. This is the basis of a successful blog:

1. Solve a problem
Each of your blog articles must solve a serious problem for your target audience. If not, why should your reader pay attention to you? Example:How to stop disturbance and block spammer on WhatsApp

2. Write a "like you" article
"Like You"-headlines are not only tempting, but "like you" articles also provide an eerie added value. They show your reader exactly how something can be done. Example: How to build robots from homemade materials without much cost and technical-know-how

3. Write an Ultimate guide
Ultimate instructions are stretched "like you" article. They are usually very detailed and very extensive. So they are often divided.
Example:How to Improve App User engagement and Retention (Detailed Guide).

4. Write a list post
List posts are not only easy to create, but also easy to scan and easy to read. And, the reader immediately knows what to expect and how much time he has to spend. List posts work.
Example: 59 Top Websites to learn Ethical Hacking Online as a beginner and Professional

5. Write a mega list post
Mega list posts are stretched list posts. Everything that goes beyond 10 points is no longer read, but only scanned. This generates enormous added value and is therefore often shared. Example:87+ Interactive Programming Learning Websites to Start from scratch

6. Write an article series
Article series are so powerful because they illuminate a particular subject matter much more closely. Write several articles that build on each other and connect them to an article series. Example: Step by step into making money in recession time in Nigeria- Article series

7. Create a "Best of" article
Everyone loves a handpicked selection of your best articles. This will save your reader a lot of time and effort.
Example:9+ Best Softwares to Protect your Computer from Hackers and Crackers

8. Summarize older articles
Blogs are good at presenting new content. But the older ones are often forgotten. Therefore, you should summarize older articles and show them to your new readers over and over again. Big G also love old articles that are updated with new content.

9. Create a case study
Case studies are always interesting. They show your reader in detail how a particular project was done. It's almost as if he'd been there live. Start a blog with a bang – so you start through (+ Case study). Example: How Top Nigerian bloggers grow their blogs.

10. Write about the future
What could happen in your niche in the future? The world does not stop spinning. Where do you think the journey is going? Blogging about the future, especially if you're good in predicting the future, this can work great in any niche. Even without valid facts, you can update the article when the reality actually unfold.
Example:In the Future of Cell Phone Technology, Smartphone will be implanted in your Head, Experts said.

11. Reveal a myth
For each topic, hundreds of myths are buzzing in the minds of your target audience. Cover them, they have lost nothing there!
Example: Digital fingerprint thermometer app are not accurate like the medical temperature thermometer

12. Take part in a discussion
Blogging is a dialogue. Take part in this discussion. Do you disagree as a fellow blogger? Then write about it. Example: Content is no more the King but Backlink

13. Create a statistic article
Statistics are useful because they bring structure into our chaotic world. They are especially interesting when you have brought them together.
Example: Increase in Underage pregnancy in Nigeria

14. Deliver a checklist
Checklists or cheat sheets are wonderful because they serve as a "reference post" – they are "Gold" for audience that want to dig deep into a subject matter and finding a related materials is a good deal. Example: Publish blog articles but check list first

15. Give a freebie
No matter if you offer a free tool, plugin or pdf, write a blog article about it.
Example:Pomote Your App free Here

16. Create an info graphic
We humans are visual animals. Therefore, deliver something to your reader that he understands immediately. After all, picture is more than a thousand words
Example: How to write the perfect blog article – 15 simple steps [info graphic]

17. Create a podcast episode
Many people from your target group simply do not like to read. Therefore, offer audio so that they can consume your content anyway. You can even burn your content to audio for them to download as MP3.

18. Create a video
In addition to audio, video should not be missing on your blog. We humans stand on moving pictures! Especially when they show you how things are done. Many Nigerian bloggers still don't make their videos but rather link to saturated videos of experts in their niche.

19. Write a FAQ article
List frequently asked questions and answer them. In principle, quite simple, right? The point is, there are many questions that great blog posts don't answer no matter how long and detailed the article is. You can think about some possible weird questions and answer them.

20. Write a Saq article
Not only frequently asked questions are important, but also questions that should be asked (should asked questions).Example: Why is regularity the key to a successful blog?

21. Create a Glossary
A glossary is where you explain terminology on your subject and is always helpful. Especially for beginners. Example: Many beginners in blogging don't know the meaning of serp, IM, black hat, grey hat, Big G, canonical, anchor text etc

Be Generous
Blogging is a very social medium. Therefore, you must be generous in accordance with the law of reciprocity:

22. Create an influencer article
Here, you introduce the influencers from your niche. According to the motto:"You should pay attention to these bloggers this year". Everyone is happy about such a listing. Eample: 101 top Health bloggers in Nigeria

23. Make an interview
Tap another's brain. Other perspectives are always interesting. And, you have less work! Eample: Link building with content marketing for successful SEO: Online entrepreneur, Chaktty in an interview.

24. Create a link post
A link post links to good articles from other bloggers from your niche. According to the motto: "The best I've found this week".
Example: Roundup of the week: blogging daily routine.

25. Create an article full of quotes
Quotes, most of the time are more powerful than contents
Inspiring and motivating quotes give energy and spur your readers to actions. People are not really motivated to do great things in Nigeria, so, giving your readers interesting quotes will fill the gap and make them feel loved . I am not a fan of articles full of citations because they do not provide so much added value. But for your niche it might fit very well.Example: The 50 best quotes of internet marketing.

26. Create a resource article
Here you can recommend resources, such as products, tools, e-books or the like.Example: How to start a profitable blog

27. Let someone else write for you
Not only do you have to write guest posts for others, but you also have to accept guest posts. You still have to edit it, but you save a lot of time.And, the other has access to your audience. Win-win.

Be human
In business, there is far too much hypocritical professionalism. This is totally superfluous. But you know you have to be human:

28. Tell a personal story
We humans love stories. Of course, we are interested first. But right after that, we want to know what your story is... so that we will have something again afterwards!
Example: How I built a successful blog business within 2 years

29. Refer your audience to a
With this kind of article, you're engaging your audience. Socialize your audience and answer their questions. You don't have to claim the supreme. Talk about other experts and sell their whole idea to your audience and your audience will appreciate it and understand your influence in your niche.

30. Carry out a survey
Use your blog article for a public survey and then publish the results.Example: Can you help us? Take part in our survey on online business. Write an inspiring article now and then, your reader needs inspiration. Write a post that moves it... and you've won a new fan.
Example: 28 things you should not do to yourself from today

31. Write a holiday article
You always have to pick up the thoughts of your reader. For example, if it's Christmas, write an article that suits Christmas.
Eample: How to drive Traffic to blog during XMAS

32. Show how it looks behind the scenes
Your true fans want to look behind the scenes. How does it all look with you?How do you do all that you do?
Example: How I schedule my blogging works

33. Create a manifest
A manifesto motivates and ensures that everyone is on the same level.
Example: The "let You go Well" manifesto

34. Publish a "Hi I am. Ask me Everything "article
This is a wonderful way for an extraordinary article. Here, the focus is not on your article, but on you answering the comments of your audience.
Example: Hi, I'm Neil Patel of KISSmetrics, crazy egg and quick sprout... ask me Everything
Promote diligently
This part is often forgotten: the promotion. Today you have to promote and sell everything and everyone:

35. Use celebrities' fame
Grab the attention of a celebrity and connect it to your theme. No matter if it is alive or not!
Example: What Shakespeare can teach you about advertising texts.

36. Write about a novelty
I'm a big fan of evergreen content. But yet we love new things for people. When something is new, we automatically pay attention to it. Curiosity drives us.
Example: The latest blogging secret about search engine

37. Write about a trend
Similar to the news, trends are also very tempting. Your readers want to hear from you where the journey is going.
Example: Social media trends: what to look for in 2018

38. Write an Experience report
Experience reports are wonderful if you want to distribute affiliate products. Describe objectively the pros and cons and you create something of value for your reader.
Example: Jumia Affiliate Review – Step by step into becoming Affiliate pro

39. Promote your product or service
This is the final step: offer your product or service directly in your blog article. As long as you don't overdo it and pack the whole thing into added value and a nice story, that's fine.
Example: Only the facts: Why you should visit techpally

So, these were my 39 concrete blog article ideas.Please never forget these four great points that you should address with your content:
Delivering added value
Be generous
Be human
Promote diligently
Share this article with fellow bloggers and potential internet marketers you may not know but are there as friends in your social networks.

This post is dedicated to Nigerian youths seeking for jobs that don't exist. It's not easy though but it's high time you started venturing into something before graduating and looking for job; once you've gained much experience, you can scale up make much money from the internet as the opportunities are limitless.
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Your comment is highly appreciated.Thanks as you do that!


Re: 39 Post Writing Ideas for Those who Want to Start Making Money Online via Blogging

Posted by techpally (M) » 01 Sep,2017

Sharing is caring. Someone would definitely be helped when you share the link with friends.
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