My mom gives me the lyrics of my songs — Small Doctor

My mom gives me the lyrics of my songs — Small Doctor


Posted by bigboluet (M) » 15 Jul,2017


With the kind of lines characteristic of the lyrics in his songs, one would be curious to know where Mosquito Killer singer, Small Doctor, gets the inspiration for most of his songs. Showtime recently ran into the Agege singer and he confessed that the lyrics in most of his songs are inspired by his mom who is also a gospel singer. small-doctor “I get most of the lines in my songs from my mom; my mom does most of my stuff, she’s street too. There are many things she suggests to me to use in my songs, and when I do so creatively it makes a lot of sense. My mom is an artiste also; she’s a singer in church so she knows all the nitty-gritty of music”, he explained. Showtime further confronted him with the allegation that his songs have a negative influence on the younger generation, but he was quick to debunk the impression. “There are two sides to a story, what I might see from a particular angle you may not see it from that same angle. If I tell you A is for ‘Apple’ another person might come and tell you that the same A is for ‘Anonymous’, so that’s the thing. I put my lyrics out there in a matured way so nobody can come and tell me that I’m negatively influencing the younger generation, no. It’s left to you to decide to figure out what I’m saying, nobody is a bad influence on anyone, it’s up to you listening to the song to be able to use wisdom in understanding what I’ve said, it all depends on the angle you’re seeing it from, I’m in a world of my own”, he quipped.

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