The Resplendent Lady

The Resplendent Lady


Posted by Adoo (M) » 26 Jun,2017

The Resplendent Lady
When she is with me, everything seems so beautiful
Every view becomes picturesque and wonderful
Just the thought of her makes my heart shudder
I wish I could rest my head on her shoulder
Every minute with her becomes the new best minute of my life
Every part of me wants to make her my wife
If I could be graced by the heavens with her beauty
I would gladly adore her and make it a duty
So gentle and radiant is she, as she walks by
Like butterflies as they flutter by
My feelings are honourable and true
So pure and sure like the sky is blue
But how do I tell her,
How badly I want her?
How do I tell her that my love is pure
When her boat is at sea, leaving me on the shore?
I will patiently wait, and see if fate will smile on me
Maybe I'll get the chance to tell her how I feel
Then I will gracefully let her know that she is the queen of my heart
And if I don't, she will always be the resplendent lady
Who conquered and ruled my heart!

Adojutelegan Oluwatosin "Adoo"
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Your comment is highly appreciated.Thanks as you do that!


Re: The Resplendent Lady

Posted by Segunprof (M) » 27 Jun,2017

Going to host u one of this days love ur write up this is the 2nd one am seeing
Like 42 | .Qoute
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