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The Reds have been punished by the Premier
League for contravening rules in their
attempts to sign another club's academy star
Liverpool have been banned from signing
academy players for the next two years and
fined £100,000 by the Premier League after
being found guilty of breaching regulations in
their attempts to sign a youngster from Stoke
An investigation was launched after the
Merseyside club admitted to having spoken to
the player - who was 11 years old at the time
- in an effort to sign him from Stoke's
The Premier League has determined that
Liverpool's conduct in their attempts to bring
the player to Anfield - specifically when they
gave him and his family an expenses-paid trip
to a senior match - had "contravened league
rules" when it was made.
Liverpool admitted to the rule breaches but
have still been hit with a fine and ban on
signing academy players, although the
second year of that ban will be suspended for
a three-year period.
In a statement, the Premier League
confirmed that they had "sanctioned
Liverpool FC in respect of the club's
approaches towards, and offer of
inducements to, an academy player
registered with another club".
Liverpool can end strong without Mane
"The Academy player concerned was
previously registered at Stoke City FC. An
application by Liverpool in September 2016 to
register him, following Liverpool and Stoke
agreeing compensation, was rejected by the
Premier League Board due to an offer to pay
the player's private school fees.
"In an investigation following that rejection,
the Premier League found evidence that
Liverpool's conduct prior to applying to
register the player contravened League rules.
"The League found evidence demonstrating
regular communications between
representatives of the club and members of
the player's family. This included hosting
them at Anfield for a match with expenses
paid and other efforts to encourage the
player, via his family, to sign for Liverpool.
League rules strictly prohibit the offer of any
inducements to encourage a move.
"Liverpool have cooperated with the Premier
League's inquiries in a timely and thorough
manner and admitted the rule breaches
asserted against them.
"The club will pay a fine of £100,000 and will
be prohibited from registering any Academy
players who have been registered with a
Premier League or EFL club in the preceding
18 months.
"This ban will last for two years, with the
second year suspended for a three-year
period (to be activated in the event of any
further similar breach by the club)."
The Premier League Board rejected
Liverpool's application to register the
youngster, who is now without a club, last
September due to their offer to pay for his
private school fees
It is reported that the Premier League's
decision to change their guidelines to ban
such pledges to individual players would have
forced Liverpool to offer all their academy
players the same incentive.
The club withdrew that part of their proposal,
prompting the youngster and his family to
reject the move from Stoke and accuse
Liverpool of going back on their promises.
That complaint prompted the investigation,
which then unearthed the additional elements
included in Liverpool's offer, such as the
match tickets. Premier League rules prohibit
any kind of offer of inducements to
encourage a player to move clubs.
The ban will not prevent Liverpool from
signing young players to join the first-team
squad, nor will it stop them from recruiting
players for the academy if they are not
affiliated with other clubs in the Premier
League or English Football League.
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