Withdraw Money Without Debit Card Anywhere In Nigeria

Withdraw Money Without Debit Card Anywhere In Nigeria


Posted by oibrahim (M) » 03 Feb,2017

Withdraw Money Without Debit Card Here In Nigeria .
Here is a way to withdraw money without debit cards here in Nigeria at present. While exploring the Internet, I discovered this, and it will certainly blow your mind.
It sounded like a something not real at first until I confirmed it.
Interswitch, Nigeria’s largest
payment processing company, have begun Verve World, an app that lets its users do the magic such as we are about to discuss.
Here is a guide to show you how to use Verve Paycode quickly.
Step 1 > Download The Verve Wolrd Application
You will be required to download the Verve World App on your device. The file size is about 4 MB, and it costs nothing


Step 2 > Register To Be A User
The registration is just a two-step process that is very easy to go through. You can signup as a new user, add the details of your ATM card on to the Verve World App and proceed.
Or just log in with an existing Interswitch account. Most people would find this a lot easier than signing up afresh as card details would not be requested again.
After a successful registration, you should get a notification and an email from the Verve International with “Welcome to Verve eCash” as the title.
Step 3 > Generate Your Verve Paycode
After the registration process is complete, there is a “PAYCODE” option in the side menu of the Verve World App that allows you to generate a Verve Code.
You’ll be given an opportunity to generate a unique one-time code which is to be used within 24 hours; this is also the code needed to withdraw cash from an ATM without your debit card. This Verve Paycode can then be given to a loved one or friend to withdraw a pre-set amount of money from different ATMs in the country.

You can also generate a POS PIN for payment at eateries and the mall.
The Verve World App can do a lot of other stuff. But honestly, Verve Paycode is still the feature that excites me the most. Cardless transactions that allow you to shop and move around without the hassles of lugging multiple cards or even big cash as you move along.
There is an option to automatically reload your mobile phone when you run out of call credit at the click of a button.
You can click here to download the app and discover some excellent cardless transaction features for yourself.
You need to share this post with your loved ones so they too can get to enjoy this endless possibility of a cashless society that Verve has brought to all Nigerians.
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