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Nigeria is 56! The 'toddler' is still crawling, even after having passed the golden age of 50, it is still learning to stand! How ridiculous could that be?! The toddler is 56, yet her children live in abject poverty. The toddler is 56, but she is unable to feed her children even with in the midst of abundant resources. The toddler is 56, but darkness hovers around her children. She cannot provide power. The toddler is 56, her children's lives full of topsy-turvy. The toddler is 56, but she cannot provide security for her children.

The toddler is 56, hunger pervades the land, hope is forlorn, her offspring are despondent, yet the 'toddler' prides herself as the 'Giant of Africa'. Giant in size and human capital development, but dwarf and lilliputian in reality. Is there anything spectacular the 'toddler' should celebrate at 56? She has refused to consolidate on the dream of her parents. For 56 solid years, she has kept on complaining of her inability to live the dream of her parents.

Then, you cannot but ask, "Is anything joyous about October 1?" "Are we truly independent?" "What independence are we talking about when in actual fact, we are dependent on other nations?" For what to wear, we depend on other nations such as Italy. For what to eat, we depend on other nations like Thailand. For what to drink, we depend on other nations like France. For our health needs, we depend on other nations like Indian and Germany. For military hardware, we depend on other nations like Israel and Russia. For automobiles, we depend on other nations like Japan. For electronics, we depend on other nations like China. Even for common fruits, we depend on other nations like South Africa and Cameroon!

In all of these, we are still engrossed in the illusion of being the 'Giant of Africa'. In all of these, we allow less than 1% of the entire population to dominate, dictate and meander the lives of over 160 million Nigerians. Ain't it time we emancipated ourselves from the shackles of this political 'harakiri'? Ain't it time we freed ourselves from servitude to this political class who is only concerned about 'self'? With the political class only interested in what comes to its purse, it is certain for a long time, Nigeria will remain a 'toddler'.

Meanwhile, let me join others to wish Nigeria happy 'freedom' from the slave masters. I wish you recovery, a swift and quick one from recession, terrorism, militancy, unemployment, infrastructural delimitation, herdsmen onslaught, power epilepsy, election higgledy-piggledy, political lies, and em, em, em the big one-Corruption!

Rather than celebrate, it's time for sober reflection!

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Your comment is highly appreciated.Thanks as you do that!


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