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Over the time, I have spoken to myself about the students union of this great citadel of learning (AAUA), and I have concluded. In my last article titled ‘Students ’Union Government - My opinion’, in which I mentioned few ways which this great citadel can enjoy better unionism, both the leaders and the led, but it seems the personal interests of some of us will never allow us to enjoy the dividends of true Unionism. In this article I will base my citations on my personal views and views collated from undergraduates of this institution (AAUA).
The truth is that a better record can be set in the history of unionism in this institution only if we all work in line with the motto of the union which is, Solidarity, Oneness, Pragmatism, and Equity (SOPE). I keep asking myself if we are all truly working in accordance with the motto of the union. It is written in the scripture that, "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" and there's another saying," what is worth doing at all is worth doing well". What I understand about the motto of the union is that we should be together in unity and practical in impartiality.
From what I have been able to gather from the led, it is obvious that most student leaders lack individual prowess,or we can say,leadership skills to lead others,and it cuts across all levels of the student union. Moreover, "you can only give what you have".I personally cannot shy away from the truth because the truth must be told even if it is not going to be accepted by all.
My main rationale behind this write up is to draw attention to how the next student union executives will be chosen and elected, even if some still believe that the current set of executives (AAUASU) are catastrophes in disguise.Now, to those who haven’t experienced any election in AAUA, the best way to know if someone is aspiring or contesting for a post at any level is by greeting here and there so as to gain recognition. Some write names on study materials and give it out to juniors on campus. We must all be careful of who to choose as a leader because none will carry out 65% of his/her manifesto if elected into that office, though we have our right to vote anybody. The truth is that nothing is as good as collective decision(s) and another truth is that virtually everybody wants to be a political jagaban to others, even if they don’t have any stake they hold in their various departments or faculties, and they want to canvas Aauites for wrong candidates as the case may be, thereby ushering in another session of suffering under bad leadership.
It will be better if we can all look before we leap in any decision we want to take, either in unionism or any other thing we do in life. It goes a long way in helping us make right decision and having greater productivity at the end. I haven’t seen any aspirant among those who are directly involved in political jamboree so far, although we have been on strike for almost three (3) months now. The big question now is that if they are eventually given mandates, can they deliver as they ought to?, can we all look up to them for improved running?, can they all speak assuredly on our behalf before the administrators of students' society?. Answers to these questions are best known to us and this is why we have to think twice before giving our mandate to any aspirant out there.
To me, the effect of SUG has never for once been administered when they are necessarily needed. The case of reparation fee, suspended comrades, and now, ASUU strike.
Conclusively,before we give out our mandate in the forthcoming SUG election upon resumption, let us all look out for a listenable ear and an answerable character. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.
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Your comment is highly appreciated.Thanks as you do that!


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