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It has become a popular saying that any relationship without sex is not real and that there is no intimacy between the lovers. There are case of referring to virgin ladies as the local type, even the era of keeping ones virginity is fast declining whereas, we know deep in our heart that virginity is important for a successful marriage. However, there have been arising questions if one can date without sex or be in a relationship without having sexual intercourse or how to go about it not having sex. Here, five tips would be shared and I hope it would be of great help;

1. DON’T VISIT EACH OTHER IN A SECLUDED OR DARK AREA.- It is important to know that whenever you are visiting each other you should make sure it is in an open arena where you could see each other very well. It could be in a restaurant , amusement parks, relaxation centers among others, this is necessary as it would prevent holdings, kissing, smooching, and exploring of each other’s body that can make you fall victim of premarital sex. Seeing each other in the dark is very dangerous as the devil could use the opportunity and as it is said that the devil is wise in his antics, so we should beware. Bro. Bola as I would refer to him here said he would not have fallen victim if he had not visited his fiancé although now married together in the night around 9: 00 pm on that fateful day as rain fell heavily and had to sleep in her house, a one room apartment of seven asbestos. Therefore to be forewarned is to prevent harm.

2. AVOID WATCHING OR READING SEX MATERIALS TOGETHER:- most partners believes they could discuss about their sex life or how they really want to have sex together or their sexual pleasures, it is good but it should not be when you are together as it could lead to another thing. When you are together avoid watching pornography, sex tapes, reading romance books that could turn you on. It is important to know that most guys are easily turned on whenever these issues are brought up and takes the grace of God to prevent falling victim, so we should beware and be careful.

3. AVOID WEARING SKIMPY DRESSES WHENEVER HE IS AROUND: - In this our world of fashion there are clothes that revealing in the name of fashion and this has destroy many relationships. Don’t wear skimpy dress that reveals your cleavage, also don’t put on bum shorts that shows almost half of your legs to your laps, as it could be tempting. Based on reality, there is no healthy man that would see the naked body of a woman that would not be aroused as it is a thing that has been deposited in men by the creator, so when your man visits you, you should ensure that you wear clothes that covers your nakedness or avoid clothes that could arouse him because according to my research, I learnt that skimpy dresses are used by prostitute to entice their customers and since you are not one why are you wearing it in his presence. Am not saying you should not be fashionable as men loves it when a woman dressed very well as you would hear them say wow! That’s nice. But it is important to note that for you to avoid sex in the relationship avoid skimpy clothes.

4. READ CHRISTIAN BOOKS AND PRAY TOGETHER: - The family that prays together sticks together. Reading of Christian novels, books and the bible will help you to develop spiritually that it would prevent the thought of having affairs together. Likewise, prayer has its own place in a relationship as it is the weapon of spiritual battles, also the bible says pray without season, but it is also advisable to pray in a place where it is open as I have heard of intending spouse praying together and still had sex even after the prayer. Don’t conduct vigil together or praying in the night, it could be dangerous since it is only the two of you, the devil might decide to strike when you start holding each other’s hand and praying as that contact could lead to the unexpected, so it is advisable to keep away from vigils or praying in the dark but never cease to pray together but with clause (in an open place and in day time).

5. SEEK YOURSELF AS BROTHERS AND SISTERS: - Whenever you are together, see yourselves as brothers and sisters as these would also help to prevent you having carnal knowledge of yourself. When you see him or her as your blood you would not have the thought and whenever the dirty thoughts comes into your mind you would easily discard it and when it keeps coming and pressing, you should try and excuse yourself or if you are the born again type you can just speak in tongues or command the devil to leave and he shall flee. It is important to know that this thought are always tempting and very forceful but I advise you quickly leave her side or his side. To flee from devil is good than trying to quote the bible as he is more knowledgeable in that aspect but with Christ we are more knowledgeable. Once again see yourself as brothers and sisters. for more visit

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