by Taiwo Balogun - 29 Aug,20170 Comments
It marched from east to west
Changing its apparel to a dark garment
A friendly enemy we have, but gleeful of its arrival
But oblivious of the imminent doom at its disposal

In lines, they descended on us
Perching on the ground, with a thud
Feeling unconcerned about it’s tantrums
But incessant and copious it becomes
Before we could prevent this inevitable assault
It had drawn its spear against us, we’re surrounded!
Because, through our deeds we blocked its path
And left with no choice but to turn against us
Raping our land, and invading homes
Just like Noah's, we prayed it stops

The assaults on our land ceased
and we are left with the ruins
We packed, packed and packed
but it was no small remains

We have warred against aqua
Though it retreated, we will never forget its brutality
For the end of war is gloomy
Chattels stolen, destroyed and people displaced, though for a while
We cannot tell when it'd invade our land again
The need to be prepared and avert this great war
Its channels we must pave, all impediments we’ll remove
Just to avoid this colossal war, whose architect we are.


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