by Taiwo Balogun - 23 Aug,20170 Comments

Nothing can be more painful than when you expect some level of sagacity and shrewdness in a matter, especially from people who are thought to be cerebral, and you are being slapped with utter derp. This is the summary of the outcome of the 2017 Combined Policy Meetings on Admissions into Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria, bewildered at the way decisions especially when it has to do with education, taken improvidently. The Nigerian educational system is being dragged to yet another regrettable phase. Quality they say takes precedence over quantity, but the Ministry of Education under the aegis of Adamu Adamu, believes that when many are called, many must be chosen . Another failed mission from the outset, the Minister of Education is still wallowing in the regrets of scrapping post UTME, in his words, “cancellation of Post- UTME is a mistake,” Nigerians seldom learn from mistakes. Our education, undoubtedly, is taking a retrogressive leap everyday.
Dissecting the effect of this unreasonable policy so to speak, the ministry as far as I am concerned want to fulfill provisions of section 18 by providing equal education opportunities for the ingenious, average and the poor university aspirants, at the expense and detriment of having a good standard in out educational system. This laughable policy is introduced under the guise of it being subject to the ratification of schools who wish to adopt it. Although there are tertiary institutions that will never subscribe to this but the poser is, should JAMB set 120marks as cutoff mark for universities? There should be a minimum reasonable level an institution as mighty as the educational sector must operate, and the said minimum score is not even up to one-third of the total score. When the standard was still averagely okay, aspirants into tertiary institutions were not studious and this policy will only encourage them to be unconcerned about the dreadful JAMB examination.
Already, Nigeria has a lot of graduates that are unemployable, owing to their intellectual incapacity and the result they graduated with, taking a person who gained admission with a 120 JAMB score for instance, what’s the probability of graduating with a second-class upper degree honors? Though a mere speculation, but it is without doubt that the number of such occurrence will be pauce, which is the minimum certificate you can have to guarantee a job. Although being brilliant doesn’t mean one is intelligent but the former gets or guarantees you a job faster than the latter in our motherland. The government should not make it a point of concern or be interested in the numbers of people gaining admission. Admission should be based on merit, which shouldn’t be compromised for whatever reason. Another way of giving false hope to people and increasing not only unemployment but unemployable graduates.
Our government must understand the fact that education is not limited to the four walls of a tertiary institution, who only feed her adopted children with theories and less practical, and not all understand the proclivities and intricacies of education, because our education system is more of “cram and pour” and there is no avenue to put these theories into practice. Instead of reducing the qualifying score drastically, why not devise a means of getting aspirants in this categories into institution that suits them. Quality should be the priority in the scale of preference of our educational system and not quantity.



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