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As we move towards the end of 2016 ,let's take a review on how well we have gone as a union.

it is expected that every union leader that assume power would pursue the welfare of its member to the nadir irrespective of the challenges face by this government,student welfarism is still not debatable.let's take a look at how SUE D BASTARD led adminstration has impacted the life of AAUITES

It all came like the 2nd coming of JESUS when the News flew round the entire city of akungba that a student has been hit by an okada man at ibaka market,which eventually led to the death of the student contributed to by the negligence of the health center workers. the situation was made more complicated when another news that the student v.p has collapse and that the CSO to the president has been charmed down.this and many more false info trigger the negative side of the student who believe that their unionism is being attacked by an external force not knowing to them that they were acting on wrong info.however this might have been averted if this adminstration has taken a prudent step to disseminate the truth behind the scene to the entire student earlier.


After the protest which led to the closure of the school which lasted for more than a month,the news for resumption which many student has been anticipating for was met with a shock when an obnoxious fee of #25000 was harmerd on them by the management. Though the union leader act swiftly to their responsibility and the fee was cut down to #15000. Even though many still believe that the fee should have been slashed down if the union leaders stand on their toe and have the student best interest at mind considering the economic situation of the country and the fact that the state government in question is owing up to 5 month salaries ,we can only give them a kudos as they have done their capability in which we both know of before electing them to power.

Not long after the conclusion of the first semester examination that the academic staff body engage in a show off with the state government over non payment of salaries among other things. The student body in their bid to bring their members back to class,gave the state gpvernment ,the school management and the Asuu body 14 days ultimatum to solve their differences or they take the CENTER STAGE.though this was extend by another 7days after the leadership claim some external force has meditate into the issue .this appear like an action taking out of the understanding of the problem of Aauites,but only to end up in mere photo shoot with top dignitaries of the state and division among the body itself. Which prompt the question where is our center stage.


it all begins during the center stage drama when some of the union executive said they have been sideline from the decision making of the organization. Among them is the student senate president who cry out to all aauite that he was not aware of any action to be taken against the ASUU body but was cautioned and attack by the GEN SEC who said his political affiliation with politician in the state will not give him the time to see to the oath he swears with the student
The student social director in an interview with one of the school media platform insist that he can not remember the last time he has been called upon to decide on issue concerning the student saying the union has been hijacked by believers of autocracy who believe that leadership position should be meant for the elite.
One van online imagine how long this division will last when another broadcast during the course of the second semester ordering the management to reinstate the 25 student suspended during the student aluta or the school will be shut down was opposed by the student president who urge the student to neglect the release that was co-sign by the senate president and the gen sec and embrace peace and go along with their normal activities.though the student were later reinstated but to most aauite the timing is wrong.WHAT A UNION WE HAVE.

The above criticism and commendation are no reason to write of the effort of the union,the issue is on the student to do the needful in electing effective leader that will boost the confidence and doing more than just orientation and dinner but engage in meaningful project that will bebof good quality and better the life of the studentry.



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