Reading for Understanding: The SQW3R Method

By Faremi Seun Samuel - 26 Dec,2017 1 Comments
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Reading is one of the core activities of study. You need to be able to understand what you read and to be able to recall the main ideas when you need them. You can use the SQW3R method to improve your comprehension, to remember a reading for tutorials, seminars or to review for exams.

S = Survey

Before you start to read, survey the material to gain an overview of the contents.

Look through the whole reading/ c

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7 Skills Every Nigerian Student Needs To Survive In Campus

By Faremi Seun Samuel - 26 Dec,2017 3 Comments
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Over time you will realize that there are certain skills every student needs to survive university campus in Nigeria.

Without these skills, you might end up struggling till you learn it the hard way. I suggest you devote time to mastering these skills just before you head to campus.

How do you combine your lectures and a part-time job? Or to create a side hustle while still in school? What about getting to pass exams e

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How To Graduate With First Class In Any Tertiary Institution

By Faremi Seun Samuel - 26 Dec,2017 0 Comments
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It is the dream of many students to graduate with first class honour, but only few achieve it. Is it about the pride in saying, “I graduated with first class” or the great demand for first class graduates in the labour market? Is it about making your parent proud or because of other reasons?

Whatever your reason, you are about to know the secrets to become a first class student…

First of all, ask yourself if you re

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By Temitope Samson - 23 Oct,2017 2 Comments
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Starting a relationship is one of the most biggest challenge we now a days youth are facing. How to start, Who to start with, and How to manage and respect our individual personal relationship. For the best tips on how to do this and have a real success in your relationship follow me here Don't waste your time anymore lets go.

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By Ebenezer Okegbemi - 14 Sep,2017 3 Comments
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It has become a popular saying that any relationship without sex is not real and that there is no intimacy between the lovers. There are case of referring to virgin ladies as the local type, even the era of keeping ones virginity is fast declining whereas, we know deep in our heart that virginity is important for a successful marriage. However, there have been arising questions if on

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By Taiwo Balogun - 29 Aug,2017 0 Comments
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It marched from east to west
Changing its apparel to a dark garment
A friendly enemy we have, but gleeful of its arrival
But oblivious of the imminent doom at its disposal

In lines, they descended on us
Perching on the ground, with a thud
Feeling unconcerned about it’s tantrums
But incessant and copious it becomes
Before we could prevent this inevitable assault
It had drawn its spear against us, we’re surrounded

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