Review of 'Skilled Migration, Canadian Experience', Book written by Alaba Ojapinwa

By OLADOKUN BOLU - 16 Apr,2017 1 Comments
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-Debo Ikuesewo-Akinbami

Migration has been with and in man since creation. The bare fact that it's even as old as the first man is sufficient credence to the locution that it's in the nature of man as it's with lesser creatures to alternate between environments, in search for difference, notwithstanding the latitude. It's in us, innately, as humans, (even animals) to seek and move in the direction of relative comfort,

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By OLADOKUN BOLU - 30 Dec,2016 0 Comments
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The journey of the year 2016 is about to come to a wonderful end in less that 24hours, we’ve looked forward to entering this year back then luckily for us we made it into the year and here we are today about to enter 2017 despite all the even and the odds of 2016,we were able to weathered the storm and pass through the tunnel of 2016 successfully. Today I will be refreshing our memories on some events that shaped the year 20

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How To Make Great Decisions, Every Time

By Raji Babatunde - 05 Sep,2016 1 Comments
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“There are no foolproof ways to always make the right choice, but there are some strategies you can use to give yourself the best chance of making the right decision, every time.”

Our lives are a result of the choices we make. Yet we get very little formal education on how to make the right ones. Sure, the topic of ‘making healthy choices’ might come up in a high school health class. You might even cover ‘d

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4 Principles of Creativity You Should Use Every Day

By Raji Babatunde - 05 Sep,2016 1 Comments
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Think about that moment when an idea strikes you. It’s inspiring. Whether you write, paint, sing, compose, or take photos, there are moments when it just flows. In that perfect moment it all comes together beautifully and you remember why you love being a creative. But more often than not, the creative process does not feel like floating on clouds. It involves a lot of discipline, routine, structure, habit, persistence, and

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